The Unhurried Life

How are You?

I'm Busy

Working overtime, traffic jammed, fast food, overscheduled kids, full inbox, buzzing phone notifications, buy a home, maintain a home, manage investments, Xanax, travel well – repeat.


We are living in a place and time where hurry and activity equals significance. Anxiety, sleeplessness, tech addiction and depression are increasingly the norm. 


Is there a practice in the Way of Jesus that can help us find peace in the midst of a world of hurry?

Join us for a summer of Sundays where we work through John Mark Comer’s “The Unhurried Life”. We’ll move beyond a one way conversation to a dialogue - engaging our minds with scripture and including our whole bodies in the active practices of rest. Practices that scripture invites us to and that Jesus and His followers have embraced to anchor themselves in God’s rest over thousands of years.

Intro Video