Week 2: Silence and Solitude

This week we look at the power of the spiritual practices of Silence and Solitude.

Study Instructions

We are so excited to have you back again this week. Silence and Solitude are truly rare in our culture, and yet when we practice these simple disciplines, even for only a moment, they are rich with Spiritual insight. I encourage you to watch the video and then work through the discussion questions. Of course everything is better in community, so if you have a friend or family member near you, get them to join you in this discussion.

 Our denomination (The Salvation Army) purchased a subscription to Right Now Media that allows everyone in the organization to access these videos. Click on the Right Now Media link bellow and use this code to sign up for Right Now Media. Then you can search for the series using the title: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, or the name of the author John Mark Comer. Finally you will find a link to the study notes that Major Debra has created for our church, you can use these notes or the ones found on the Right Now Media Website.