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When do I arrive?

The service starts every Sunday at 10:30am. We recommend you arrive (7195 Cariboo Road) fifteen to twenty minutes beforehand to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and connect with others. There is a welcome desk when you first enter the building where greeters are there to answer any of your questions.

What is the service like?

At the beginning of the service we spend time worshiping God through music. We sing songs and listen to our brass band and choir (which we call songsters) perform. Afterwards, an offering will be collected. These funds help support various ministries and work the church is doing in the community and around the world. If you are a first-time visitor, please don’t feel obligated to give.

After the offering, the children will go to Sunday School. There will be an announcement in the service which directs the kids when and where to go.

Once the children have left for Sunday School, the Officer (Pastor) will teach a portion of the bible. Ever ask yourself: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my Purpose? This is the time to find those answers.The service ends at 12:00pm. After the service, there’s time to connect with others and enjoy coffee and refreshments.

What do I wear?

This is a Salvation Army Church, so you will see some people wearing uniforms. When the Salvation Army was first established in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth, it was during a time when Armies were very prominent in society. William thought that the best way to serve the community, would be to mobilize the Salvation Army like a real army. This included dressing the part and wearing uniforms.

Fast forward to the present, these uniforms are recognized all over the world as a statement of faith, hope and help to those in need. Members of the Salvation Army are proud of the uniform and what it signifies.

As our culture has shifted, not all members of the salvation army choose to wear uniforms. Some like to come in casual attire. Cariboo Hill is a good mix of traditional meets modern. So please come as you are. Dress however you feel the most comfortable. You’ll fit right in!

What about my kids?

Cariboo Kids is dedicated to creating an engaging environment for kids to learn about Jesus. We offer Sunday School and care for the following age groups:

Newborns – Toddler

Preschool – Ages 3-4

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

3rd -4th Grade

5th – 7th Grade

Kids join us in the service for the worship time. An announcement will be made when it’s time to go to Sunday School. Please feel free to take your child and get them settled in.

Have questions?

Please feel free to call or email at anytime. We are here to help support you the best way we can.

Call us: 604-525-7311

Email us: cht@cariboohill.ca